What's Happening in the World of Duncan n.

As some of you will know, I am applying to study a Bachelor of Music at the Australian National University next year. I am hoping to major in Composition For Film and Video Games and also Performance. For the former I need to submit a portfolio due at the end of October. Keep visiting this website for music uploads. For the Performance major I have to sit an audition at the very end of November. I am preparing 3 original pieces, all for solo guitar. The first is a vocal blues song, the other two are solo guitar instrumental pieces

 Keep your fingers crossed! I will keep you all posted.

I am practicing hard for my concert this October. It should be a great show. I have a feeling in my bones it will be one of the best yet. We even have a bagpiper to open the show! Check my Events page for further information.

Some writing news: I am back working on my blogs. :) Please keep checking this website for posts.